Dataverse Plugin Debugger

Dataverse plugin debugger is the tool that can be used to debug dataverse plugins. This tool is not an extension of the plugin registration tool, and it doesn’t use any components of it. The main difference with the standard plugin registration tool debugger is that the tool can visualize, save, and update debugging profiles, which will then be sent to the plugin for execution. Please find below the complete list of the most important features:

Main features of Dataverse plugin debugger:

* Use debug profiles created by plugin registration tool

* Update existing debug profiles in Dataverse

* Load and save debug profiles from and to CSV

* Create new debug profiles directly in the tool

* Debug simple scenarios without profiling

* Debug any complex scenarios using profiles created by the plugin registration tool

* Take profiles from one organization and use them to debug the other.

Current version: 1.2021.8.10