Author: Pavel Koval

Reusing standard icons for custom tiles in Dynamics Marketing

cj-add-child-tileOne of my last projects required the creation of several custom tiles for Dynamics Marketing Customer Journeys. As you know, to create custom tile, you need to configure some XML and CSS files. You need to provide information about CSS font-family, which will be used to extract icons and some other parameters. Rather than creating and hosting my own CSS, I decided that it would be nice to check if I can reuse exiting font-family. Dynamics Marketing has already some tiles, so let’s see how to reuse them.

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Linking data in FetchXml using text fields

fetchxmlSometimes we need to build a query which will return some data based on not lookup attributes, but on text attributes. You might need this when correct relationships between entities were not adequately defined during the implementation phase, but links between different objects can be determined by using data stored in the text fields. As an example, let’s check how to return data about the contact and related organization just using an email address.

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Event management updates and obsolescence

open-events-work-areaIn this article, I would like to provide my thoughts about the latest changes which Microsoft provided for Dynamics Marketing Event Management application. One of the essential points points for me was that Microsoft deprecated Portal APIs. It was evident as they were always telling that this way to extract and update data in CDS is wrong as it might block the functionality of the whole portal, so now they finally created external service with APIs. Let’s go through some important topics about application extensibility as well as other issues which were changed or updated.

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Add Global SDK Messages using Actions and execute them from JS.

actionsIn this article, I would like to talk about actions. Actions are a way to combine several operations in one place and make them available as a single method. In other words, Actions provide the ability to define a single verb (or message) that matches an operation you need to perform for your business. Actions are heavily used by Microsoft to create additional SDK messages which can be later executed from your plugins, workflows or javascript. You can create actions using low code approach as well as using Dynamics CE SDK. Low code approach is quite simple to use, so I would like to focus on creating actions using code.

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How to use S2S Authentication to connect with Dynamics CE using Azure Functions?

1_IegFtGg3n6FiCeik2PDuhAOne of my customers requested to implement APIs which should execute some connected business logic using Dynamics CE and other Azure and non-Microsoft services. The APIs had to be publically available to access from other cloud services my customer had. To implement these requirements, we decided to use Azure Functions together with S2S Authentication. In this article, I would like to give you some examples of how to connect to Dynamics CE from Azure Functions using S2S authentication. Continue reading “How to use S2S Authentication to connect with Dynamics CE using Azure Functions?”