Month: June 2019

Quick Send feature in Dynamics Marketing

marketingAs my team recently did a successful implementation of Dynamics Marketing, I want to share with you some tips and tricks on this topic. This time we will be talking about how to send an e-mail from dynamics marketing immediately and without the customer journey. This feature highly requested by our customer, and even more, there should be the possibility to use workflows for this. Currently, Microsoft has planned this feature for October release, and you can check the status of this request here: Email marketing features. Our customer doesn’t want to wait, and it was not possible to finalize the project without this feature so that we’ve implemented it and you can learn how. Continue reading “Quick Send feature in Dynamics Marketing”

Creating charts using PowerApps component framework

open-events-work-areaPowerApps component framework is the modern way how developers can create their custom controls and embed them into model-driven apps. This is a significant step towards empowering 3rd party developers to build compelling visual components in PowerApps and Dynamics 365 using the same framework which the Microsoft team uses. Our customers are often asking about some data visualization directly on the forms, so in this article, I would like to show you how using third-party typescript libraries you can build you simple visualization and embed it into your Dynamics CE implementation. We will create a simple custom control which will be using data in json format from the text field to create a pie. As a requirement, you need to know how to develop apps using TypeScript.

In case you just wanna download the source code, please use the link below:
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