Subjects Transfer Plugin

Use this plugin on your own risk. There is no warranty or support.

Add-on for XRMToolBox which can help you to maintain subjects hierarchy, especially if you are working with hundreds of elements and several organizations. You can save your subjects hierarchy as a .dat file, open it again, and upload into your CRM organization. You can add or remove subjects directly from the tool. In case you want to add child then select the parent in the treeview and use the context menu to add a child. In case you need to add parent element don’t choose anything in the treeview and also use the context menu. You can also delete subjects. The plugin will create a list of items to remove and maintain the hierarchy. To reflect your changes, please use the button “Update in CRM”. The plugin will firstly remove items and then add items which you’ve added in the interface.

Below you can find how the interface looks like:


More information: Subjects transfer plugin for XrmToolBox