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Linking data in FetchXml using text fields

fetchxmlSometimes we need to build a query which will return some data based on not lookup attributes, but on text attributes. You might need this when correct relationships between entities were not adequately defined during the implementation phase, but links between different objects can be determined by using data stored in the text fields. As an example, let’s check how to return data about the contact and related organization just using an email address.

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Export Segment members from Dynamics Marketing

DatabaseDesign_Infographic-1All my customers are usually asking how to export members of the segments to excel or CSV. This feature is also requested by people at, and so far is planned for April 2020. You can read more here: Ability to export Segment members to Excel. In this article, I would like to show you how you can build a fetchxml which will export members data from the segment.

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