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How to configure Azure B2C authentication for Event Management

azure-active-directory1In this article, I would like to give you an overview of how to use Azure B2C authentication in Event Management portals as well as how to fix most of the issues and problems you might face during the configuration. Event management portals configuration is a bit different from power portals as you also need to configure angular frontend. I will also provide information on which angular modules are responsible for implementing b2c authentication as well as how backend process the requests..

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Event management updates and obsolescence

open-events-work-areaIn this article, I would like to provide my thoughts about the latest changes which Microsoft provided for Dynamics Marketing Event Management application. One of the essential points points for me was that Microsoft deprecated Portal APIs. It was evident as they were always telling that this way to extract and update data in CDS is wrong as it might block the functionality of the whole portal, so now they finally created external service with APIs. Let’s go through some important topics about application extensibility as well as other issues which were changed or updated.

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