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Add Global SDK Messages using Actions and execute them from JS.

actionsIn this article, I would like to talk about actions. Actions are a way to combine several operations in one place and make them available as a single method. In other words, Actions provide the ability to define a single verb (or message) that matches an operation you need to perform for your business. Actions are heavily used by Microsoft to create additional SDK messages which can be later executed from your plugins, workflows or javascript. You can create actions using low code approach as well as using Dynamics CE SDK. Low code approach is quite simple to use, so I would like to focus on creating actions using code.

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Programming business process flows in Dynamics 365 V9.


Microsoft has introduced new way how to operate with business process stages. Previously we used several fields placed directly on the entity which are using business process flow. Now in Dynamics 365 V9, there is a special entity for every business process which handles all information about active process stage and other important information.  In this article, we will review the architecture of business process flows and new SDK messages which could help us to cover complex scenarios easier.

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