Switch between queues directly from the site map.

queuesSeveral customers asked if they can add queues directly on the sitemap. They wanted to navigate to different queues directly because you usually need to navigate to the list of queues, and only then you can choose the appropriate queue from the list. There are many projects where we have more than 20 queues, and they are separated between sales and service. It is logical to have queues on the sitemap split between different areas for quick access.  In this article, I will provide you a link template which will help you to add as many queues as you might need directly on the sitemap.

Here is the example of the link which you need to configure:


Let’s review the parameters for this link:

queueId – Id of the queue you want to navigate to.

sitemappath – Path which should be selected on sitemap once the user has navigated to the link. Normally you should put CS|CS|Id of your Queue item for Service or SFA|SFA|Id of your Queue item for Sales. Queue item is the standard sitemap element which navigates to all queues. Here is how it might look like:


viewId – This is the view which should be chosen for the queue. You can create your custom view and provide it here. You can also provide the wrong id for this parameter and then the standard All Items view will be chosen. This parameter should have a unique value for each sitemap item.

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